Our vision is to provide professional security services to organizations and people that want to live in a safe environment. 

Above all, our mission is to provide high-standard levels of education to all its security personnel to work efficiently in every Dubai’s sector.

Falcon believes that with the proper vision, knowledge, and technology, security guards will respond effectively to criminal and terror attacks. Therefore, because of this mindset, corporations acquire more confidence to hire security companies with a high level of expertise.


We want to provide our clients in Dubai high level of service, with a deep understanding of how defense and security strategies work. Therefore, with specific studies and threat analysis, we understand better the means of the action of the criminal‘s mind.  Finally, by studying criminal past operations, we know how to prevent these activities and attacks before they happen.


Falcon, is projecting in the next five to ten years to become one of the leaders of security in Dubai. Therefore, the purpose of the company is to demonstrate high-quality service and professionalism.


When a client is contacting us in regards to a specific security service, we analyze and assess the best course of action to resolve the issue. We are showing the client each step we are taking to fulfill our job in a very professional manner. Therefore, the word success for us is equal to the client’s satisfaction.