Dubai, second largest, wealthiest, and diverse city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is today an important industries world’s center.

While, most people believe that the Dubai revenues come mostly from oil production, in the last fifteen years, thanks to the creation of the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), the city has become a global core for services like IT and finance. For instance, the exporting trade to the Middle East is operated and facilitated by the port Jebel Ali.


The retail business, in the last decades, has become the theater of thieves and shoplifters illegal activities. It is crucial for the retail industry to protect their stock against damage and loss of products. Our security solutions can protect retail stores and can reduce the loss of inventory. Therefore, improving the safety of the stores, employees as well as customers, and ensuring a return on the investment.


Residential security aims to safeguards people and their properties from the intrusion of privacy, home invasions, and other crimes. There are several critical factors that will lead residential security to succeed: a combination of technology, manpower, and procedures.


Commercial Security aims to safeguards commercial properties by using methods and technologies that can guard itself against risks such as intrusion, fire or vandalism. Therefore, the combination of high-tech locks, burglar-proof frames, computer security software, online video surveillance, and alarm systems, and security guards allows securing more efficiently these facilities.


Hospitality security aims to safeguards hotels, resorts by identifying risks by understanding security policy and procedures. Therefore, is critical to contribute to workplace security and help protect guests and patrons is a number one objective in this industry. For instance, taking effective action to ensure personal security and acting quickly to report any security breaches or terror threats is a priority.


The education industry has become competitive and critical for the future of the emirate. With the possibilities of threats against students and educators, security is the number one priority for educational institutions. Education security aims to safeguards and protects academic institutes, students and educators against possible crimes and terrorism. Therefore, it is critical to identify the risks and threats that will jeopardize the learning environment of Dubai’s residents. A combination of technology, manpower, and security procedures allow the educational environment to be secured.


The transportation industry is one of the important pillars that allows residents and tourists to move faster around Dubai. The public transportation is a critical part of the infrastructure because allow million of residents to reach their daily work. Therefore, with a transportation system that consists of buses, water buses, tram, and the metro; it is important to have in place security procedures that safeguard the raiders against threats or criminal activities.


The Healthcare industry is another critical pillar of Dubai society. There are several healthcare facilities that are providing diagnostic, preventive, remedial, and therapeutic services. While those facilities include also expensive medical equipment and pharmaceutical manufacturers, the safety of a healthcare environment is crucial. The safety of the healthcare industry is highly reliant on two security factors: physical and cybersecurity. Therefore, when it comes to physical security, it is important to focus on controlling points of entry from unlawful access. In addition, cybersecurity is vital to keep patients and client’s data safe from hackers and illegal usage.