Maritime Security

maritime security

Maritime Security

Maritime security is aiming to protect ship and cruise crews, vessels and other sea assets from threats while at sea. Therefore, this service is focusing also to provide a combination of security protocols, physical deterrents against pirates and terror groups.

For instance, our maritime officers are trained to be armed or unarmed during their travel duties. Above all, the biggest threat against the maritime industry is the modern “pirates” and terrorists that are aiming to disrupt international shipping to arrive at the client’s destination.

Maritime Security is at this time the best preventive method to keep those threats at large and the vessel’s sailors out of danger. Therefore, several shipping organizations and business owners like to have us to provide this service.

Our method

Our method is to analyze with realism risks and vulnerabilities that ships and their routes could incur. To keep your travel safe and secure, we design a solution that combines high-tech, security guards and physical defense procedures.

Our Maritime Security Services

Our services include the following areas of expertise:

  • On ships security teams
  • Pre-travel danger analysis
  • Ships Escort
  • Yacht delivery
  • Post-incident examination
  • Ship Security Team Training