Transportation is one of the most important industries of the United Arab Emirates’ society. Falcon, believes that safe and secure transportation for Dubai residents is critical to the future of the country.

Therefore, with the right tools and technological solutions, Falcon could design and put in place effective security procedures and plans that could prevent violence or terrorist acts against Dubai transportation infrastructures.

Above all, the realism of our training allows transportation security officers to respond effectively to virtually any dangerous situation.  For instance, our physical exercises and practical simulations are the norms in our classes. Therefore, we base our training on real events.

By using training that is close to real situations and under psychological stress, students learn to react fast and aggressively to a threat. Therefore, when the brain is under a high level of stress, it allows the body to respond automatically.

Video Surveillance

We have highly qualified techs that are able to resolve complex issues that are related to network operations. The service department follows certain workflows which also provide efficiency and optimal resolution to the queries. The site commissioning process is also a critical part of this module where any new site needs to be set up from scratch and to be made live-mode under network operation center guidelines fulfilling all the functioning and onboarding requirements.

Video Retrieval

We specialize in the identification of specific instances like theft of goods, accidents, damage to goods or property, etc. For instance, our team of experienced agents works on video retrieval requests when something occurs. Agents analyze hundreds of hours of video to identify specific incidents. Upon finding these instances, they retrieve the recording from the software and create hyperlinks for the video recordings, which are then sent to the clients for viewing and verification.

Some of our transportation security services:

  • Video Alarm Verification
  • Staff Protection & Panic Buttons
  • Surveillance 24 Hour UL & ULC Monitoring Services
  • Lock Down Solutions
  • Access Control and metal detectors
  • System Design & Installation
  • Active Shooting Procedures